Trekking in Ethiopia

The “roof of Africa” Ethiopia has an elevated central plateau varying in height between 2,000 and 4,543 meters..
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National Parks

The natural parks of Ethiopia are set as the government as wildlife and botanical sanctuaries that enjoy a high degree of port and management.
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Birding Tours

Everyone loves watching birds and listening to their song. However, Marynat Ethiopia Tours targets bird enthusiasts that watch birds either as a serious hobbyist and/or as a professional.
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Pilgrimage Tours

Tradition holds that St. Matthew & St. Bartholomew first evangelized Ethiopia in the 1st Century CE. “Ethiopia shall reach out her hand unto God.” Psalm 68
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Welcome to Marynat Ethiopia Tours

Marynat Ethiopia Tours is a private company based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. We offer complete tour and travel-related services within the country. Marynat Ethiopia Tour was established by professional staff members with vast experience in all areas of the country. All our staff guides are multi-lingual trained professionals. In addition, we use local guides at all historic sites and have responsible agents at all attractions that care for our clients.

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Most Popular Deals

Adventure tour

Danakil Depression lies at the triple junction of three tectonic plates with its history…

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Birding Tours

Bird watching needs the instinct, patience & maneuvers of a birdwatcher…

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Trekking Tours

The Simien & Bale Mountains NPs contain many summits above 4000 meters…

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Special Packages for Great Ethiopian Home Coming

These Special Tour Packages are designed for Great Ethiopian Home Coming and it’s a great pleasure to see the Ethiopian diasporas return to their home land. We are very glad to welcome you during the grand Religious holidays such as:- Genna, Timket, Fasika and other attraction sites with a 30% discounted Tour packages.