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Trekking & Adventure Tours - Marynat Ethiopia Tours

Trekking & Adventure Tours

Trekking in the Roof of Africa

Day 1: Arrive Addis Ababa. O/N Hotel.

Day 2: Fly Addis to Gondar. Visit the castle compound, Bath of Fasildes, Church and Monastery. O/N Hotel

Day 3: Drive Gondar Sankaber. Visit Scenery, Plants, Birds and Gelada Baboon (endemic). O/N camping

Day 4: Trek Sankaber to Geech. O/N Camping

Day 5: Trek Geech to Imetgogo back to Geech. O/N Camping

Day 6: Trek Geech to Chenek. O/N Camping

Day 7: Trek Chenek via Buahit Mountain to Ambiquo: O/N Camping

Day 8: Trek Ambiquo – Ras Dashen (the highest peak)- Ambiquo. Overnight camping

Day 9: Trek Ambiquo to Sona. O/N camping

Day10: Trek Sona to Makarebia. O/N Camping

Day 11: Trek Makarebia to Mullit. O/N Camping

Day 12: After two hours walk drive to Gondar via Adi Arkai. Overnight Hotel.

Day 13: Fly back to Addis. O/N Hotel

Day 14: city tour of Addis then depart

Bale Mountain Trekking

Day 1: Arrive in Addis Ababa. O/N Hotel.

Day 2: Drive Addis to Wendo Genet. Visit Ethiopian rift valley Lakes. O/N Hotel

Day 3: Drive Wendo Genet to Dinsho –the head quarter of Bale Mountain National Park. O/N Lodge or Camping

Day 4: Trek Dinsho to Geysay Valley back to Dinsho. Overnight Lodge or Camping.

Day 5: Trek Dinsho to Wolla Valleys. Overnight Camping

Day 6: Trek Wolla Valleys to Wasama Valley. Overnight Camping

Day 7: Trek Wasama Valley to Mt. Batu – Garba Guracha Lake. Overnight Camping

Day 8: Trek Garba Guracha Lake to Goba. Overnight Hotel

Day 9: Drive Goba to Addis. O/N Hotel

Day 10: Sightseeing Tour of Addis – Departure

Denakil & Tigray Rock Hewn Churches

Day 1: Join Addis Ababa. O/n Hotel

Day 2: Drive to Awash National Park. O/n Hotel

Day 3: Drive to Semera in Afar region. O/n Hotel

Day 4: Drive Lake Afdera in Danakil. O/n Camping

Day 5: Drive Dodom. O/n Camping

Day 6: Climb Ert ale volacano (613m). O/n camping

Day 7: Explore Ertale; trek Dodom. O/n camping

Day 8: Drive Ahmedala. O/n camping

Day 9: Explore salt plains, Lake Asale and the Danakil depression. O/n camping

Day 10: Continue Berahale. O/n camping

Day 11: Drive to Tigray region, visit Atsbi churches. O/n Camping

Day 12: Visit Teka Tesfay churches. O/n camping

Day 13: Visit Gheralta churches; drive Mekele. O/n Hotel

Day 14 fly back to Addis and after sight seeing depart

Surma Trekking

Day 1: Arrive Addis Ababa and transfer to the hotel.

Day 2: Fly to Jimma. O/N Hotel.

Day 3: Jimma to Mizan Teferi. Visit the people of Keficho, Yem and Bench. O/N Hotel.

Day 4: Tulgit. O/N Camping.

Day 5: Tulgit to Tum. O/N Camping.

Day 6: Tum. Visit the Dizi, Tishena, Surma and Zilmamo ethnic groups. O/N Camping.

Day 7: Trekking towards Majji. Visit different ethnic groups of the area. O/N Camping.

Day 8: Trek from Majji to Adikas. Trek through the land of the Dizi people. O/N Camping.

Day 9: Trek to arrive at Kormu. Visit the Chai ethnic group. O/N Camping.

Day 10: Trek from kormu to kibish through the land of Surma. O/N Camping.

Day 11: Surma. Visit the Surma people. O/N Camping.

Day 12: Kormu. Trek back to Kormu. O/N Camping.

Day 13: From Kormu trek to reach at Adikas. O/N Camping.

Day 14: Trek from Adikas and arrive at Tum. O/N Camping.

Day 15: Tum – Tulgit. O/N Camping.

Day 16: Tulgit to Bebeka. O/N Camping.

Day 17: Bebeka to Jimma. O/N Hotel.

Day 18: Jimma – Addis. O/N Hotel.

Day 19: Sightseeing tour of Addis and departure.

Dallol Depression

Day 1: Addis Ababa – Kombolcha: Enjoy the escarpment of the Rift Valley and visit Sembete Market, on the way to Kombolcha. Overnight at Hotel

Day 2: Kombolcha-Mekelle Dinner and overnight Axum hotel.

Day 3: Mekelle-Berhaile-Hamedela drives through Berhaile to Hamedela. Dinner and overnight camping in Hamedela

Day 4: Hamedela – Dallol – Abala drive to see Dallol area to visit the colorful area, the salt bar mine and camel caravans. Overnight at camping or Local Hotel in Abala

Day 5: Abala- E’artale drive on lava to see the volcanic lake of E’artale. 3 – 4 hours trekking and then Overnight at Camping
Day 6: E’artale – Awash: – drive through the region of Afar people and see their huts construction, overnight Awash falls lodge in the park.
Day 7: sight seeing of Awash National Park and hot spring, overnight at Lodge
Day 8: drive back to Addis and depart